Grant Engineering install a Kardex Storage Shuttle

   13 Oct 2014

The Kardex stores raw material for production on the production floor.

Based in Birr, Co Offaly, Grant Engineering are a market leading manufacturer of home heating boilers.

Late in 2014 Grant took delivery of a Kardex Shuttle XP. 

The new Kardex gives them 118m2 of shelf storage space on the production floor. 

It stores the product on trays vertically above an access point.

In seconds the Shuttle will deliver the tray containing the product requested. This compares to walking to stores and bending and lifting to get parts of racks and shelves.

A pick light indicates where on the tray the item is located. 

Grant have installed Powerpick Global software which allows the Kardex storage device to link with the Sage host system.

This gives stock accuracy and control, digital order picking and a paperless warehouse. 

Have a look at the webpage - Kardex Shuttle