Allergan Maintenance use a 9 m high Kardex Carousel for spare parts storage

   08 Dec 2014

Maintenance Spare Parts Carousel installed into small room

The pictures show the installation of a 9 metre high Kardex Carousel in the maintenance department of Allergan Botox in Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland.

This unit is 3 storeys high.

The carousel was delivered in sections and installed via a hole in the mezzanine floor. I

This storage carousel has the a capacity of 143m2 of shelf space.

Unit Capacity Compasion: To store this volume ofproduct on standard shelving would require a room 16 m x 5 m - or 80m2.

This carousel has a footprint of 5.9m2.

This difficult installation took five days. 

Also installed in late 2014 was a unit for label storage and for janitors storage.