Dublin Distribution Warehouse expands Kardex automated picking solution

   02 Nov 2017

Automate recently installed two additional Kardex Shuttle XP's in a fast moving distribution warehouse in Dublin. 

The original solution had 3 Kardex Shuttle XP's and a batch picking table with 10 pack lights, running with Power Pick Global Software.

This operated at a rate of 200 lines per hour with a single operator with a picking accuracy is almost 100%.

The updated solution with 2 operators will give a pick rate close to 500 lines per hour. 

The operation will consist of 5 large Kardex storage units fitted with pick lights and flat screen displays. This bank of Kardex Shuttles will store in excess of 7000 sku's. 

The orders will be batch picked and packed out using two batch tables fitted with 18 pack lights to direct the operator.  Both tables can pack in unison with one or multiple operators.

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